Halys Barefoot

the one that charges headlong into everything, including any body of water.


Str: 18; +4
Dex: 15; +2
Con: 18; +4
Int: 10; 0
Wis: 14; +2
Cha: 7; -2

HP: 17
AC: 6 + 3d6
touch: 2 + 3d6
flat-footed: 4 + 3d6

Fortitude: 6
Reflex: 2
Will: 2

Base Attack Bonus: +1
CMB: 6
CMD: 18


  • Greatsword: attack bonus +6, crit 19-20×2, 2d6 dmg.
  • Hammer: attack bonus +6, crit x2, 1d10 dmg.


  • Hide Armor: medium armor, +4, -3 check penalty, 20% spell failure, 25lbs.

Special Abilities

  • Fast Movement: +10 to race base land speed —> 40 ft
  • Rage: 4 + 4 (Con mod) + 6 (Extra Rage Feat) rounds of rage per day. 4 morale bonus to Str and Con (2 hit points per hit dice), +2 morale bonus to Will Saves. -2 penalty to Armor Class. cannot use Cha Int or Dex based abilities while raging (except acrobatics, fly, and ride).


  • Extra Rage: use rage ability for an extra 6 rounds per day
  • Power Attack: take -1 on all melee attack rolls in exchange for +2 on melee damage rolls. deal 150% damage if using double-handed weapon.
  • Improved Unarmed Strike: can deal lethal damage even if unarmed.
  • Quick Draw: can draw weapon as free action, hidden weapon as move action.


  • Jiggling Ladyfolk: must make will save every time there is an attractive woman in eyesight. for every round that the will save fails, do nothing but stare at attractive woman. if save is made, can make a 1d8 touch attack on any enemy, but only once per save made. if a save is lost, all past touch attacks are lost.
  • Compulsive Skinny Dipper: if near a body of water large enough for swimming, bye-bye clothes, hello water… base Will Check DC 30. changes in following conditions: (though I have questions about the italicized part)

every creature that might see the character skinny dip: –1 DC
every humanoid of the same gender that might see the character skinny dip: –1
every humanoid of the preferred gender that might see the character skinny dip: –3
influenced by alcohol or magic: +16
it’s hot out, and the water looks refreshing: +8
it’s cold out, and the body of water is a hot spring/tub: +8
the character is injured, water looks like it might have healing properties: +4
character was going to go swimming anyways: +2
undivided attention of onlookers: –2 (per onlooker)
the body of water is a swamp, a sewer, or something else disgusting: –4
it’s cold out, and skinny dipping would probably mean a polar bear swim: –8
character believes the water might actually be a mirage: –8
known non-friendly creatures in water: -16 (per creature)
overcast or moonless night: +2
moonlight: +1
fog or precipitation: +1


Well, at some point there was a mommy and a daddy… and then there was a little terror child… and somewhere between then and now she got taller and wilder.

But seriously…

Halys was born to a young traveling couple, and for a time they were a happy family. Her mother and father would dote over her as she took her first unsteady steps, splashed in every puddle of water their wagon crossed through, terrorized the family dog, etc. Sometime shortly after Halys turned five, the family began a journey that took them through the swamps. The father fell ill within the first week of the trip, so the mother was preoccupied with his health, and Halys was left to entertain herself. She found plenty entertainment in the watery lands surrounding her. So much entertainment that she left the wagon without telling her parents and never returned.
She survived easily on her own, but the lack of human contact over the next several years left her rather coarse and unruly, hard-headed and blunt. She came to prefer solitude to company. However, she would sometimes catch glimpses of beautiful maidens, delicate creatures so unlike her brutish wild self that she was captivated. Such sightings eventually coaxed her out of her previously unbroken solitude. Halys sometimes even worked up the courage to speak to some of the lovely creatures; they rarely returned her interest. Rarely… But when they did…

Anyway, during one of these excursions into society, Halys noticed one of her daggers missing. She found the culprit, a puny little goblin examining it a ways down the road. She caught him, beat him to within an inch of his life, and soon became his fast friend. After reclaiming her dagger, that is.

Halys Barefoot

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